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Projects updates

Hey there! If you've been following me from social media channel i've been busy working and releases lots virtual R/C models for 2019 11 8 updates 3d dev 8PHOENIX R/C simulator recently and accumulated quite number of interesting air models from fictional based MACROSS anime valkyrie fighter.  The number of 3d model building project for this year 2019 are quite high compare to 2018 that's because i was quite curious and full of enthusiasm building more and my adrenaline kicked in hard....and because its raining season here too so not much outdoor activity to fly my R/C planes and FPV/drone stuff.   So if you have the Phoenix R/C simulator installed on your computer you can download handful of my recent releases here at simulator section: Ready to drive/fly models.

Downloads:  If you have missed those recent updates on my simulator projects below are the list of models that have been created since last month till recently which you can now download directly.

Speaking about those Macross valkyrie 'variant' i've mention before you might notice in the Simulator Gallery section that some 'Special' build models with different livery design and additional add-on such as2019 11 8 updates 3d dev 5 payload and weaponry  that are not available during the releases along with the 'stock' releases of default Macross original variant.  For example in YF-19 EXCALIBUR gallery preview there are some additional special VF-19DX variants with different livery design and payloads which is not available for public download recently and same with others fighter throughout 2019 builds.  These special models only available by the end of the year somewhere special occasion probably around 2019 Christmas events. So if you love to collect this models you'll need to come back next month by December 2019 for the downloadable files.  This extra time allows me to rest a bit after strenuous work and prepare to zip up those into downloadable packages.

On the same development probably i'll be working on to 3d model a digitized version of my existing DURAFLY warbird R/C aricraft collection that i owned some from my hangar like how i did in 2018 the P-51D Mustang...more likely next project will be either the F4U CORSAIR or something more classic close to what i've flown in the past on R/C club airfield.

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Other R/C activity updates

Reviews for R/C models and outdoor activity from posting videos to writing article still on halt because of raining seasons here locally but more importantly i'm in the process of gathering some budget to replace my aging GoPro HERO camera with new camera that have at least EIS capability (Electronic Image Stabilization) so i could get better 2019 11 8 updates 3d dev 3videos and stable presentation.  You might notice my old Go Pro HERO started to show defect or annoying horizontal line artifacts on my camera which can't be fix since Go Pro no longer support older models plus none of all my 3x cameras have EIS.  More likely my next action camera to be used to capture all my R/C activity footages will be on SJCAM SJ8 PRO since i've read and seen all those good review and extremely good video footage on Youtube plus its very budget friendly for my pocket.  Once i got the SJCAM SJ8 PRO in hand i'll let you guys know my thoughts about it.  Hopefully i'll he back with better video quality of R/C awesomeness.  How about new R/C models?...so far i haven't seen anything interesting to buy this year let alone a sponsored products since all of them looks like an overpriced garbage.  I guess this year there's not much interested models to shop around. Worse case scenario i see was the over priced and overrated models seems to saturate the market which i'm not pleased at....1:14 scale for over $100?...i'm not in it.  For drones trends updates my HUBSAN ZINO still wins both performance, quality and price but the new MAVIC MINI seems to tickle my brain....wait until i fix my washing machine first, lol.    To sum up everything i need to get that camera first before everything, my budget is tight but definitely more resources on low budget R/C project will set loose to keep me busy and happy in the future and i'm sure you'll be happy too through my shared guides, how to and reviews. If you need a quick daily news and updates you can always follow and subscribe from my various social media channel. See you there. ;)

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