Based of my years of R/C and FPV flight experience and hundred hours of flight under my belt its time to to step up building my own custom design aircraft.  For years SupermotoXL Design have been design cars for gaming and virtual reality use but now its time to go up and touch the reality into the blue yonder.  Previously i've succesfully scratch build radio control planes and also DIY build and FPV (First Person View) flight models with advance autonomous flight system and aerial technology embedded.  With these knowledge i intend to put all my work into designing a Concept Design hobby size model jet plane and be able to view inside the cockpit and fly just like my previous scale FPV flight on my P-51D Mustang, Pitts, Drifter Ultralight and others.


I've already made a drafted design of my expected aircraft inspired from real life aircraft F-14 Tomcat, SU-35, SU-47, F-22, YF-23 to fictional mecha series such as Macross YF-19 and VF-25.  The plane expected to have winspan of 950mm or below matching to my existing successful flight model sizing and at the same time keeping overall flying weight below 550gram.  3D printed using light print ABS material and combination of hand crafted depron foam mostly for the wings.


altI called this concept designed plane as "XENO XL-3" (XL-RCM 3.0).  This flight model mass, CG and dimension is similar to my hand build F-22 profile which you can check out at my Hangar Gallery and also at Video gallery section.  But unlike F-22, XENO XL-3 is 3D/acro capable flight like a Sukhoi with powerful aileron, elevator and rudder throw plus added 300grams of flight hardware.


My aircraft design have several keypoints required for the design

  1. Broader wingspan for gliding performance.
  2. Delta shaped for less drag and fast diving capability to bail out from trouble situation.
  3. Small dihedral wing canard for extra lift and fuselage stability.
  4. Bigger rudder surface for 360 degree vectored manouver.
  5. 5x servo operation.
  6. Optimal cockpit view with full freedom 360 degree pan-tilt head tracking viewing similar to my early FPV setup on Cloud Fly glider.
  7. Target weight 500gram and wingpans around 800mm.


Currently in the process of 3D designing but the raw material and hardware are on standby an tested using second variant of PITTS SPECIAL V3 which maidened test last week to test the electronics and autonomous system functionality before transfer are possible.