Hey Happy New Year everyone!Smile may year 2014 bring prosperity and happiness.

Ever wonder where i have been for these several years?....okay check out this cool snapshots above.  Yes been out flying inside the cockpit pretty much almost daily basis for real...this is awesomeness!! Sitting inside the cockpit travel miles away enjoy the beautiful mother nature in the skies via my miniature scale flight models driven by advance technological radio control gear and into level of FPV flying (First Person View) system both manual and autonomous.

Simply speaking i'm out from desktop going outdoor and into the skies with friends and doing lots of social fun activity all these year. It was fun and i gain lots of friends and appreciate that there are more to seek in life than sitting infront of computer all day.  I build lots of models both kits and hand crafted all of them flown beautifuly into the blue skies.

Things have change a lot around here, ever since my mother passed away my life as a designer and modeller have changes its path to more meaningful and positive life.

Hours before my mother passed away a Dandelion flower swirl around me through surges of flowing winds. it circles and paused infront of me before it was lift up into the skies through a huge holes within the clouds where lines of bright lights shone from the inner calm blue background of the skies in cloudy stormy morning.   When back home and manage to gave a kiss before she move on. She pass away on a beautiful bright day at noon, just white clouds and blue contrast horizon with calm wind gushing through my face as i stood outside the morque my with my tears flow down my cheek.  Two years later i'm up there wondering around the blue skies taking a glimpse of heavenly clouds and beautiful world below me in the same beautiful weather when my mother departed.  I can sense my mother is up there watching me and the clouds are signs she is there for me and welcome me when i'm up there.  The most miracle thing was everytime i fly there always be a low beautiful cloud welcomes me into their heavenly domain.


Today i've been building my own planes and into advance flying technology such as FPV (First Person View) system.  It was lots of fun and also socially active with local and international radio modelling clubs.

At SUPERMOTOXL DESIGNS,  i have expanded its role into both 3D modelling and design into more realistic approach that is building Concept Design flight models and fabricating solid hobby parts models via 3D Printing technology. Not only just building it but also make it run and flyable too.  I've already started to design some hobby models parts for enthusiast and some Concept Design flight models that is inspired from flight simulator, ACE COMBAT, Macross, Robotech animation and awesome historical planes like P-51D mustang and Tomcats.  I would be the first to break the old tradition making 3D concept design models for games and out into the real world for now on and share it with the community.


Btw here are some cool added changes in this website and activities for the year 2014:
  1. SupermotoXL Design website hosts two new entity: Concept Design R/C models/tech and 3D Printing custom design model and parts.
  2. 3D printing technology and download files for 3D printing output products (*.STL file) under "Designs & Models download" section
  3. Remove "Shops" and instead allow direct free downloads of my creation at "Design & Models download" section.
  4. Gallery section for R/C flight models, my model hangar, FPV system, Concept Design flight models and 3D printing model fabrication.
  5. Fans and user also can order custom fabricated 3D printed parts by email request.

It will be exciting new world of design and reality at SupermotoXL Design as we now put our design for practical use and for see bright future in our hobby and hope you will be there to enjoy our creation too.



David L.