I'm glad to announce my first batch of ready to print models for 3D printer are now available for download.  Currently there are two models ready to 3D printing format are available to the public for free downloading which targeted to Radio Control hobbyist especially in the area of FPV system.  Format for printing are *.STL file zipped for download.

news_img_3dload2Below are the list of models and links for download. You'll need *.STL file reader/editor to view in 3D. Compatible with Makerbot, PP3D Ups and general 3D printing printer.

  1. alt Download STL 3D print file - FPV antenna jigs
  2. alt Download STL 3D print file - 9XR FPV kit

However i'm not planning to release any 3D printing format for existing previous 3d models from my design inventory such as cars and parts which originally use for game as its not feasible nor beneficial  due to printing size vs scale feature.  So currently i just concentrate on consumable/usable products first.  Well i'm glade to see my first SupermotoXL Design brand printed in solid form hehehe..