HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Thanks to ChaZcaTriX (from Track Mania site) conversion/porting work, Track Mania fan can enjoy XAVAGE GTR in TM format. Available in all 6 GTR variant. Very thankful to "ChaZcaTriX", best guy in conversion work on my models. He's da man.  Also on the same day i met STARBUCK from Track Mania development group who first helped to convert all my models into TM format and best known for his cool video production based on my car especialy NEMIXIS. We just had long chat. He also will try his best to produce some video's featuring XAVAGE in TM environment. He's good in HD quality video and now working with gaming development industry as well. Well we hope ChaZcaTriX and Starbuck of TM best of work and good joob for supporting SupermotoXL Designs. Click here to go to Track Mania website to download TM version of XAVAGE GTR.

Also in this special day once again i would like to wish all to my family, relative, friends, my 4x4 evolution & track mania buddies a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010. May this new year bring joy, happiness, prosperity and success to everyone. Cheers!

Download links: http://www.trackmania-carpark.com/car.php?id=1820