themepack_tb_xvgxcrI was aware that people are now picking up XAVAGE as it already hit the top chart in TRACK MANIA.  Fans and modder keep hitting my inbox with request to provide templates for editing since we have huge number of user wanted customized texture skins where they can paint fancy and cool paint works under XAVAGE templates layer.  

Well its been years i haven't introduce any PAINT WORKS editable texture packages, finally today i decided to release uncompiled version of XAVAGE PAINT WORKS templates.  There are 8 units of  *.CPT (Corel Paint Templates) format with tonnes of editable layers to turn XAVAGE into ART OF WONDERS.

-GO TO PAINT WORKS page now (click here)

Make sure you have installed CPT Corel Photo Paint Plugin in your Photoshop...however don't ask me much support about the plugin because it only use what i have and i'm not much of plugin provider.   For Track Mania fans and modders you'll need help from our buddy Chazcatrix from TM to help you out with TM style templates.

Alright, go to PAINT WORKS download page and start your custom paint for XAVAGE.  Enjoy.