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After long absent from building drive-able models for off-roading simulator (4x4 E kyosho sandmaster xl4volution 2) finally i return back to my roots to start model some just for to recall the good time i used to had back then as a 3D modeler.  Its almost 5 years after the last models i did for 4x4 EVO2 but for me it felt like 3 months ago probably got occupied with other kind of adventure but hey i did enjoy great great time with my hobby and the website expanded through branches of exciting project throughout the years . I was straying away off the grid too long venturing into R/C hobbies, FPV/UAV drone development  flights and  3D printing technology which wasn't too far away from my main moto fortunately i still got the skills building everything i always wanted.     

So here i am with new cool stuff for you to play around which i build based on my favorite model that i spotted at my friends local R/C Hobby Shop:  the "SAND MASTER" from KYOSHO  brand.  I did this model replica and put it into off-road sim because i love the scale retro buggy and it does reminds me of my younger days which looks similar to KYOSHO OPTIMA in the 80's.  The real life size is actually at 1/10 scale models 2WD transmission powered on electric brushed motor manufactured somewhere around the year 2013 to compliment retro fashion.   I almost wanted to trigger a purchase  but after long thought at average USD$120  its just too steep for my pocket so i kyosho sandmaster xl3move on buying something better, useful and recyclable creativity such as buying camera and FPV hardware for my flight model project.   Still i couldn't put my thought away from Sand Blaster because it reminds me of my childhood dreams back in the era where i was a 10 year old little grunt leaning behind the big glass where the local Hobby Stores used to display collection of R/C buggy models such as the memorable TAMIYA's BOOMERANG, THE FOX, THE FROG, AVANTE, HOTSHOT and ASTUTE.  To re-live the past  so i decided to take some external photos of Sand Blaster and convert it into 3d models so i could share my child hood dreams in virtual realm and also to all my off-road simulator fans to have ride and feel my youthful past.

This model was build with lower 3D polygon count compare to my previous built model, optimized for low spec computer and notebook.  Ideally built to race with multiple models in the same track without performance. Despite having low poly count the sand buggy still retain its quality smooth details with tricked up texturing to allure enthusiast thinking it as a real life models which worthy keeping into your virtual garage in 4x4 EVO2.  Download it now and enjoy your very own KYOSHO - SAND BLASTER without burning a hole in your pocket.




*There is no SDK package for this model.
*Caution: Not recommended for 3D conversion work or 3D printing because "independent suspension" object model not included as it uses default in-game axle and suspension model.
*Note: This models are available for free distribution and for non-commercial purposes.

*'KYOSHO' and 'SAND MASTER' images and logo are trademarks of the following company:
© KYOSHO. All Rights Reserved

General info | models: KYOSHO - Sand Master | platform: PC | version: 4x4 Evo2 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 1.78MB | date released: 29-March-2015

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kyosho sandmaster xl2