Migration between EVO1 to EVO2 is a huge leap, especially when it comes to graphics experience. If you've seen the first release of CYBORX for 4x4 EVO1 you should now hold your pants tight for 4x4 EVO2 "SILVER EDITION" CYBORX CD 10.2s XL-SE. On the track CYBORX display stunning chromatic and silvery effect that make you drool all day. A special layer of texture channel enable certain reflection and environment lighting to be filter out and allow proper surface and lines needed to display CYBORX's true real life physical appearance in the game, mimic how it would look like in the real world. High polished silver metal on high level parts and combination of hairlines silver scrub and scratches effect truly giving life and reality thanks to special texturing. The "SILVER DREAM" edition doesn't not have optional show parts like VSS vertical swing scissors doors, pop-up front hood and hatch back doors like in EVO1, this is due to save some polycount cost to render reflection and chrome effect per-object on the model. But the most important is to experience the beauty and actual display of real exotic cars in EVO2. Check out our latest screenshots of "SILVER DREAM" models at the "Gallery" section.

altWith all those stunning silverware effect and 1 million worth of *bling*bling* graphics the CYBORX "SILVER DREAM" edition does not come with cheap prices for every system requirement that run it. Like EXODUS and XENO 2 "SILVER DREAM" edition, CYBORX special edition for EVO2 require high end system with latest hardware graphics to cope up with high poly processing and "Texture & Lighting capability. Optimal PC system to run this models must able to two task at the same time: polygon processing/calculation + high update reflection rates on every part of object surfaces. Note that this model have approximately 41,628 (vertices) and 49,317 (faces) worth of polygon, that is more than a dozen multiple fold amount of polygon than that available in stock vehicle in EVO2. Recommended system to run this models at optimal frame rate should at least equipped with Ge-force FX 5600, latest ATI graphics or any compatible "TnL" hardware graphics that support DirectX8 and 9 with CPU power above 1.2GHz. Good Luck and enjoy the ride.

Please read the manual before using this vehicle and make sure you computer system meets all the standards and system requirements. Failing to read, understand and not fulfilling the requirements will results in unexpected error and undesirable effect.

General info | models: CYBORX CD 10.2s XL-SE | platform: PC / Mac (e2) | version: 4x4 evo 2 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 4.03MB (evo2) | date released: 31-3-2005 | last updated: --

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