altThis is special request models and replica release. I've never indulge much into building replicas nor ever interested to built any of these real life existing object. But since i can't afford to buy a real life R/C models: TRAXXAS SUMMIT so i've built an exact replica from scratch, it was altalso requested by our old buddies from Balthazar from on behalf of Team RCG. Took me almost two weeks to build it. SUMMIT is a big scale monster off-roader R/C hobby grade models made by TRAXXAS company based in US country. They made good high performance R/C models...way too good and quite a pocket burner too. I want one but don't have the cash, instead with 3d skills why not build one and run it in games. So here we go, poor man's R/C now you can enjoy playing it on your screen without getting wet, dirty and hands tired fixing it. Just as said, "If you can't have one, make one". Enjoy.

*There is no SDK package for this model.

*Caution: Not recomended for conversion work because "independent suspension" object model not included because it uses default in-game suspension model.

*'TRAXXAS' and 'SUMMIT' images and logo are trademarks of the following company:
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General info | models: TRAXXAS SUMMIT | platform: PC | version: 4x4 Evo2 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 4.79MB | date released: 26-Sept-2010

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