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Oh look!  a pink VF-1EX!!! ....wait its not even on Wiki!?  Ehheemmm!! don't expect to find this version of VF-1EX 'Walkure' edition Valkyrie because you won't find on any MACROSS DELTA cut scenes, this variants is something creative i came out with out of my ideas during free time which i thought i should do before jumping into VF-4 project....oh! did i spilled the beans?. So indeed VF-1EX do exist in MACROSS DELTA timelines which only features in one the scene where Hayate were at paintball dog fighting with Mirage during flight examination both in blue and red colored schdev vf1ex 15eme.  The VF-1EX has no additional physical upgrade since SDF era where once early VF-1 series variant like the VF-1S, VF-1J and VF-1A thrived.  The only minor upgrade as mentioned in Macross Delta timeline was somewhere internal cockpit hardware fitted with EG-01M/MP EX-Gear and AI assisted flight so that all about it.  That means i can easily convert my of last year VF-1S 3d model project to VF-1EX by just changing the external skin texture/UV mapped wrapper to create new variants.  Instead of replicating the livery design of existing models shown on Macross Delta series (Red/Blue) i've decided to design my own livery patterns and colors based on the pilot Ms. Mirage Farina Jenius scheme whom flew the pink VF-31 SEIFRIED which support the WALKURE idol Ms. Makina Nakajima who also very associated with color pink too.  It didn't take long for me to come out with the livery designs, lines and patterns which was inspired by my very old R/C model aircraft the 'VIPER' 60mm EDF electric turbine jet which i used to own back in was in red colored with racing style checkered flag pattern throughout the fuselage. That 'Viper' EPO foamy jet still exist in the market, looks beautiful and popular among electric R/C jet enthusiast like myself....and so i've embedded this inspiration on to VF-1EX livery.  

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The build

Since the base model of VF-1EX is actually recycled model from my previous project the VF-1S (Skull leader: Roy Focker) actually no 3d re-modeling work required because the 'physical' differences between both models actually almost the same despite huge gap of timelines between old MACROSS SDF and MACROSS DELTA in Macross universe dev vf1ex 3other than difference of livery paint finishing and internal technology within the cockpit as shown in Macross Delta animation. So all i did was just create a 'blank' template of clean basic VF-1 series skin texture by striping off black and yellow decals from VF-1S theme which is almost 'pain in the ass' work since it involve lots of graphic editing and intense use of hardware memory swapping resources due to no clean texture found on the internet.  5 hours later i did it and began to work on pink schemes and other mix tones color according to Mirage and Makina theme color templates. Not much re-UV mapping work on its existing 3D meshes but lots of 're'-decals work; at first i put 'SMS' badges and N.U.N SPACY labels on its military hardwares/payload as indicated from the gallery archive but later during finalized work i put back the proper Delta 'CHAOS' squadron logo where Ms. Mirage suppose to belong to so actually my VF-1EX went through various interesting variants....interesting note (if you're into easter eggs) you might see the rear vertical stabilizer/rudder have gone through different looks too.   5 minutes works on re-compiling and changing the specification/attributes of an old VF-1S via Phoenix R/C builder tools such as turbine engine power and airframe designation into VF-1EX finally the valkyrie fighter is green and ready to launch!

 The old MACROSS VF-1S:

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Texturing works and decaling:

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Final production in R/C Phoenix:

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Below are the virtual stock attributes value on VF-1EX that influence a lot on how it flies in Phoenix R/C, i setup slightly advance flyer type handling specifications so would not be easy for new R/C learner in simulator:

  • Wingspan: 2000mm (variant 1) and 4000mm (variant 2)
  • Flying weight: 3.7kg (variant 1) and 10.52kg (variant2)
  • Turbine unit: 2x Fuel turbine
  • Outer main wing (variable sweep) airfoil type (flaps + elevon): NACA 0015
  • Side fuselage airfoil type: NACA 0015
  • Airbrake: Top fuselage + Main wing above flaps (split surface control)
  • Vertical stabilizer airfoil type (rudder): Flat profile
  • 2x Turbine idle rpm: 41500
  • 2x Turbine max rpm: 1120000
  • 2x Turbine thrust power (N): 510
  • 3x wheeled landing gear: functional retracts + front guided + gear bay doors + suspension struts

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Flight characteristic

When it comes to handling and flight agility there's not much differences between this VF-1EX and VF-1S other than extra additional power/thrust to both turbine engine with slight increase in RPM.   I must say among all Macross plane i've build the VF-1 series can be a bit tricky to pull out after a fast dive which i recommend to deploy early quick 'airbrake panel' anddev vf1ex 16 flaps retraction to slow down the speed before pulling up the elevator or before doing sharp turns which is in fact is true when flying a real jet aircraft and R/C size aircraft which i've experience on the stick control outdoor. Remember that earth gravity hurts. Don't expect VF-1EX to maneuver as agile as shown during combat examination between Hayate and Mirage in Macross Delta scene since much flight physic in Phoenix R/C is close reality than fiction which is why i opt to put all Macross airframe to the test in this simulator to see if i could implement a Macross build as a real R/C model platform in the future (FPV for sure!).  Although it flies fast like a dart with additional down pull by earth gravity it still a fun plane to fly yet challenging for Pro level R/C pilot and could do basic aerobatic maneuver as good as any airshow jet demonstration plus for extra eye candy you can activate 4x variable colored smoke generator to create contrails of smokes in the sky to awe the scenery like flying rainbow kitty, lol.....ehemm!....its pinky rainbow colored since its something based on Makina's WALKURE idol theme so deal with it.  One thing for sure this version of VF-1EX 'Walkure' plane is a unique rare collection something i came out while i was drooling over Pink candy and from there my ideas sparked!  That's it guys and girls hope you enjoy the new VF-1EX 'Walkure' Edition. Well time for me to move on to my next Macross project!.. i think you knew what's coming next *wink* *wink*

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* Note - Variants

As usual just like previous build especially dev vf1ex 29for MACROSS audience i've created two type of VF-1EX models for Phoenix R/C simulator: 2 meter wing span + 3.7kg flying weight  and 4 meter wing span + 10.52kg flying weight model variant all zipped into one download package.   So if you want a park flier R/C scale models install the 2 meter wing span size (xl_vf1ex_walkure_2m.pkg)and if you like the feeling of big and loud presence in the skies install the 4 meter wing span variant (xl_vf1ex_walkure_4m.pkg) all available inside the zip file. Despite differences in both wing span size the handling on both model also quite different due to its size, wing lift area, CG placement and inertial/momentum force during flight.  Do take note the smaller 2m actually handles more sensitive, faster in term of speed and hot landing so you'll have to activate airbrake much early for every turns and landing compare to bigger 4m wingpan.  Hope you enjoy the legendary aircraft in Macross universe. Cheers!



Tools used to create these custom model:

  • 3D Modeler program: 3D Zmodeler v1.07 and v2.0 (*.OBJ support)
  • Compiler tools: Phoenix Builder v1.0.p
  • Texture editing program: Corel Photopaint


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General info | model: MACROSS DELTA VF-1EX 'Wakure' Valkyrie | platform: PC | simulator version: Phoenix R/C v5.5 | type: Aircraft | class: Performance | style: Scale | level: Advance | power: Turbine | Manufacturer: Macross | avg ZIP file size: 10.6MB | date released: 3-Oct-2019 | Revision: v1.0

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