This tutorial will help PHOENIX R/C simulator user to install user's custom build R/C models into the simulator. Custom made aircraft models add-on can be downloaded else where from community website, at Phoenix R/C official website or inside the active simulator connected online.  I've started to making my own custom build aircraft models for Phoenix R/C which you can download it at my models section (Click Here) available in *.ZIP file package, you will need to extract the ZIP file to acquire the *.PKG file essential for the following installation process.
Before we proceed make sure you have updated the Phoenix R/C simulator software program to updated version at least v5.0 so that you will have access to screen graphical user interface or front end launcher which give you access to installation button to install the user build custom model package (*.pkg file).

*Please visit the PHOENIX R/C official website to download software update package for upgrades:
Software download/update website:
+ Community support group: Rcgroups forum - User-Built Models for PhoenixRC
+ How to play Phoenix R/C online (VPN service setup):
+ Alternative Phoenix R/C download site and resources:

**Very important note about my custom model installation:
If you wanted to install my custom creation add-on models from my website you'll need atleast latest version of Phoenix R/C version 5.5.l program else the models won't appear in the simulator model inventory.  If your program version is lower than that you'll need automatic or manual updates using provided Phoenix resources links above for download and support.

Once your simulator updated you can proceed the following instruction.

  1. Start/launch your PHOENIX R/C simulator, you will be greeted with medium sized panel pop-up which is the 'Phoenix R/C Launcher'.  Inside there will be some buttons on the panels, select and click the  "Advance" button.
    phoenix rc install pkg 1

  2. Then there's column of button appear, select and click "Install an update".
    phoenix rc install pkg 2

  3. A small file browser will pop-up, search and browse the custom Phoenix R/C model *.pkg file that you have downloaded.  Once found select/highlight the file and click the "Open" button.
    phoenix rc install pkg 3

  4. Once done clicking the "Open" button the *.pkg file will be install into the Phoenix R/C simulator automatically.  Wait until the program finish installing the *.pkg file.
    phoenix rc install pkg 4

  5. Once the *.pkg file successfully installed a small pop-up box will say "Update successful" to indicate the installation process completed.   Click "OK" button to exit the box.
    phoenix rc install pkg 5

  6. Click "Start Phoenix R/C " to start playing the simulator.  The installed model will be accessible inside the game top menu bar where you have to click "Model" then scroll down to "Change"  to access the (Change Model) model aircraft inventory.
    phoenix rc install pkg 6

That's it, now enjoy new flight models inside your Phoenix R/C simulator.

* R/C flight models download:
Click here to download my custom made models for Phoenix R/C Simulator