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So you've seen this plane in action in real world, how bout in virtual world?  I always wanted to have my own Wing Wing Z-84 fly 'virtually' inside my computerdev phx z84 4 screen via Phoenix R/C simulator so i don't have to hang around tanning myself under the hot tropical i aged i've gotten lazy to go out for R/C activity, lol.   So on boring hot tropical day under the roof i started to build 3d model replica of actual Wing Wing Z-84 using my favorite decades old 3D tool the Z-modeler v1 + v2 and see what i can come up with. So i began building 3d mesh of Z-84 that have low poly count so it wouldn't take too much CPU processing power to render the 3d model object inside the simulator and relatively have low parts count so it could fly smoothly on low spec computer.  The total worth of 3d meshes are; Vertices: 912 and Faces: 1026 which all already include with collision (_col*) meshes. It took me about 1 day to complete building the 3d meshes of exact copy of Z-84 physical appearance but took 48 hours (2 days) just to figuredev phx z84 3 out how to make it work on Phoenix R/C builder (Phoenix Builder v1.0.p) tools due to lack of online documentation to figure out how various parameter works and etc...bunch of trials and error work but at the end i did it.  At first i wanted to replicate my existing original UAV type Wing Wing Z-84 to have that plain blank white appearance but later decided to stick to original decal'ed version that have stickers all over its body.  So on the 3rd day the project building functional virtual Z-84 completed and all that was left trying to tweak the flight characteristic inside Phoenix R/C simulator close to park style flying like  how real Wing Wing Z-84 would fly.


Flight characteristic

The performance of Wing Wing Z-84 inside Phoenix R/C are pretty much close to my actually Z-84 'fast' park flying style powered virtually with 1806N size 2100KV with output of (2100kv x 11.1v) = 23,310 rpm per-thrust on  5x5 prop blade....really fast flyer and huge vertical thrust. For the crash sim physic; if you crash hard only the propeller and Elevon surface will break apart, main body is just as durable and robust like in real life Z-84....with the exception you can't eject the canopy. 

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Below are the virtual stock attributes value on Z-84 that influence a lot on how it flies in Phoenix R/C, i setup close to real world Z-84 specifications:

  • dev phx z84 8Wingspan: 845mm
  • Flying weight: 350gram
  • Motor rpm: (1806N Brushless motor) 23,310 rpm (2100kv x 11.1v)
  • Airfoil type: NACA 0015


If user not satisfy with my current setup parameters on its flight attributes they can esily edit some parameters inside the simulator via "EDIT" button from the menu with few clicks, very easy. So i hope you enjoy this 'virtual' Wing Wing Z-8 fly it as much as you pleased without breaking sweat under the sun, bash & smash as you like, reset and etc without burning hole in your pocket. So no more busting lipo packs, crowded public space and fear no weather just fly it virtually in Phoenix R/C.  Enjoy.




Tools used to create these custom model:

  • 3D Modeler program: 3D Zmodeler v1.07 and v2.0 (*.OBJ support)
  • Compiler tools: Phoenix Builder v1.0.p
  • Texture editing program: Corel Photopaint


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General info | model: Zeta - Wing Wing Z-84 | platform: PC | simulator version: Phoenix R/C v5.5 | class: Aircraft | style: Park-flier | level: Intermediate | power: Electric | Manufacturer: Zeta | avg ZIP file size: 2.05MB | date released: 18-Jun-2018 | Revision: v1.0

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