BUILT TO KILL COMPETITORS. Here is one special model i built in a hurry a few days after standard version of "MAXXIMUS" was built. Bigger, tougher, high-tower and dirt worthy sand blaster ready to stomp the soil and blast some mud! This is also a last minute work which i use some old parts under the carriage to save up building time and recycle back some worthy parts from "XCALIBUR" and "XVERT". I give a subset name of this model as ZEN. A perfect name which combine power and force within the off-road truck.

This is my dream setup for having similarities to an Radio Control Stadium truck because the built looks tougher and really meant serious racing attitude. You know sometimes i really want to have this one built in real life rather having a miniature size in a form of RC truck. Imagine having this one cruise on every Sunday down the country side or add so me bling on the wheels and cruise into the urban jungle. What a ride!

altZEN MAXXIMUS CD 17.1 XL-HT (High Tower) is a rebuilt model of the original standard version of "MAXXIMUS" with re-enhanced under carriage lower mainframe structure to support suspension hydraulic, struts and robust axle size. Lower skid bar added to the axle for better protection and side tanks for better fuel mileage. Each wheels supported with 4 suspension struts and several hydraulic linkages.

"ZEN" have overall physic of Nitro fueled RC truck . The main chassis is higher off the ground made clearance for the suspension to expand and compress at high velocity compression.

During its construction on 3d modeler program i just concentrate on rebuild the lower part of the truck which consist of complex restructuring work of its chassis but keeping its polycount at safe level to avoid possible lagging on normal PC spec setup. There's also increase of polycount on the front and rear axle by 40% of face/vertices because due to adding extra bars and custom skidplates. Customizing from normal "MAXXIMUS" to "ZEN" only took 2 days which include custom racing theme paint finishing on its body. The wheel however was built a month before and it took just a day. Handling and performance similar too previous version of "MAXXIMUS" except with more flex and supple suspension setup. After testing "ZEN" this models built for those who would like to have fun on the dirt hill and do lots of dirt blasting jump just like any Nitro powered radio control in real life. Enjoy!

General info | models: ZEN MAXXIMUS CD 17.1 XL-HT | platform: PC / Mac (e2) | version: 4x4 evo2 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 6.54MB (evo2) | date released: 5-Mar-2008

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