altAh! Everyone loves PLAYSTATION's flag ship game: The GRAN TURISMO, no doubt. The company SONY and POLYPHONY DIGITAL bring joy and happiness in every corner of living rooms. I got my first game play on Gran Turismo when i was in college and before 3d games on PC was at its glory days. Here's tribute to all Gran Turimo fans out there. You can also downloaded HD version of this car at SDK page section in this website. Enjoy.

General info | models: XAVAGE CD 24.8 XL-GTR | platform: PC / Mac (e2) | version: 4x4 evo2 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 6.54MB (evo2) | date released: 26-Dec-2009

alt In-game | alt Full view A | alt Full view Balt Download EV02 version

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