altHere is a special truck designed for special released for 4x4 evo community intended for track test and video showcase. Built for NO LIMIT custom track ready for mud blasting ride.

No much comments about this model because it has similar model physic and feature similar to ZEN "XL Racing" variant. Except the new oversize bogged wheels created to follow Stadium Truck style wheelsets. Handle like R/C truck too. Very boingy ride.

General info | models: ZEN MAXXIMUS CD 17.2 XL-HT | platform: PC / Mac (e2) | version: 4x4 evo2 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 6.74MB (evo2) | date released: 5-Mar-2008 | last updated: 7-Mar-2008 (fix invisible wheels problem on open-GL front end graphic mode.)

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