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Click here for detailed preview.As usual I made this model specially for our very old buddy Balthazar of Team RCG. Its was designed to replace the aging low poly XVERT model (2002). The model startup with simple body kit setup which looks overall like a pure endurance amphibious 4 wheeler. This model comes with customizable and removable part in the game such as front hood, bushbar, skirting, spoiler and etc which you can add later in the garage (ingame). Also this model include specially design tri spoke wheels set(HT45-TRIPOD XL3) which looks match and elegant on RCG racing variant.

General info | models: XENO 2 CD 8.0 XL-R (Team RCG) | platform: PC | version: 4x4 evo 1 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 3,072kb (evo1) | date released: 21-11-2004 | last updated: --

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