Need fix on how your game welcomes you into the screen?  Get it mod and patch it up.


Tools to be used in tutorial:

  • Pod tools: PODTool.exe or 4x4evoUnPOD.exe

updated :  27/2/2007

4x4EVO 2  UI patch kit.

First download this package at UI Pack page.  "SupermotoXL UI patch kit for 4x4evo" contain simple and almost blank user interface background, null alpha layer layout and logo plus miniature custom font to reduce space cramping in 4x4evo 2 game interface.  If you are working on custom made menu/background interface and do not want any weird object (eg: logo and transparent layer) on top of your custom made background picture then download and install this pack.  Read the instruction below on how to install these pack.

  • ** Before proceed with the tutorial make sure you have some basic on how to POD and UNPOD the file, also must have knowledge how o use some photo/paint tools.
  • ** This pack comes with SupermotoXL custom made UI background image.  You can overwrite this files with your custom made background using our available tutorial on how to make your own custom UI background (click).
  1. First you need to unpod/extract UI.pod file that was located under your 4x4evo2 game folder.  Unpod it using PODTOOL.exe, 4x4evoUnPOD.exe or WinPOD.  Get more tools at our Tools download section.
  2. After you unpod/extract the UI.pod file  you'll get few folder extracted.  Look out for "ART" folder.
  3. Next download "SupermotoXL's UI patch kit for 4x4evo 2".  Then extract the downloaded zip package.  Inside the extracted package there's an "ART" folder.  CUT/COPY this downloaded ART folder and paste/overwrite the old default ART folder located inside the original UI.POD file that you have just extracted from the game folder.  You may want to backup the old ART folder just incase you need it for future references and etc or just to undo if you did made a wrong move.
  4. Done? Then POD the whole file back to UI.POD and put back into the game folder (if its not in the 4x4evo2 game folder)
  5. Run the game and see if  your downloaded package runs/show up inside the game.  It should display in game screen as shown below:
  6. Works? good! But if it doesn't work then get back to step 1 and check what you have missed.  Good Luck.
  7. You may wanted to try out some custom made UI theme from this tutorial page:  Create custom UI background for 4x4evo2

Good Luck!