Things you need to now and how to use Evo1 car/truck in Evo2.

updated :  8/2/2003



EVO 2 game can actually run/accept EVO1 car/trucks but you'll need to disable certain feature in EVO2

  1. To run EVO1 car/trucks make sure you turn off the "Truck Reflection" mode in the graphic setup menu.
  2. On your EVO2 game screen click/go to  [OPTIONS] >> [GRAPHICS] >> [TRUCK REFLECTIONS]
  3. Set the [TRUCK REFLECTION] to "OFF (fastest)"

Why can't I enable reflection on EVO1 models in EVO2 game:

  • Because EVO2 game does not support EVO1 car/truck's model texture file (*.RAW, *.ACT. *.OPA).
  • EVO1 does not contain standard EVO2 texture format (*.TIF)


How do i know i'm running EVO1 car/trucks in EVO2 game?

  • You'll get a pop-up error like this:
    • " can't upload.....*.RAW_BUMP.TIF to gloss map it"
    • "invalid......*.TIF or _BUMP_.TIF"
  • If you want to be sure that you're using EVO1 models try the above procedure: Set the [TRUCK REFLECTION] to "OFF (fastest)" as mentioned earlier.
  • Else consult help and technical support from the author who designed the car/trucks that affected by such errors.