You've  crashed/corrupted your *.SMF file or accidentally overwrite with the wrong file? That's terrible!  Don't worry there's hope.  Read my short instruction below.


Tools to be used in tutorial:

  • Use your file browser or file "Explorer"

updated :  11/10/2002

How to restore *.SMF file?

Z-Modeler's backup file. - Every time you save your 3D work in *.SMF (EVO1 or EVO2) format the Z-Modeler program always automatically create two sets of file:

  • *.SMF extension file (your saved work file)
  • *.BAK extension file (copies/backup of your saved work renamed extension as *.BAK instead of *.SMF)

So when you  accidentally overwrite, crashed or corrupt  your original  *.SMF file,  just go search another copy of your *.BAK file with the same filename and renamed the backup copies as *.SMF.  The content of *.SMF is same as *.BAK.

For example:

  • "Mytruck.BAK" ---renamed to--->> "MyTruck.SMF"

That's easy.

Good Luck!