So you want to edit in game stock truck but trouble searching through whole lists of crowd...searching needles in a hay stack eh?


Tools to be used in tutorial:

  • Use your search utility program.
  • File packaging/zipping: PODTOOL or Winpod

updated :  12/11/2002 How to find particular stock  trucks in "TRUCK.POD" **NOTE:  This tutorial only works on stock truck  (default truck that comes with EVO1/EVO2 package).

Let's get started, let's say you want to edit this stock truck  "TOYOTA TUNDRA RACE TRUCK".  This truck file located in your game directory  folder under "TRUCK.POD":

  1. Unpod/extract your "TRUCK.POD" file, you'll get  three default folder [ART], [MODELS] and [TRUCK]
  2. To search for truck: Go to your "WINDOWS" taskbar click  (START) >> (FIND] >> (FILES OR FOLDER)    / or you can use other search tools than can search particular file that can seek through various subfolder and content or keywords.
  3. In your find/search menu type in these keywords/value in your find/search box:

    •  name:  *.TRK ---------------------------------> filename extension

    •  containing text:  TUNDRA RACE ----> names/ keywords search in your *.TRK

    •  look in:  TRUCK ----------------------------> target search in your [TRUCK] folder


  4. After fill in all those key value and keywords, then click  find/search.  A few search result should display "*.TRK" files that found match to your particular description based on your input.  eg:  "Tttt2.TRK"
  5. You can use any text editor eg: NOTEPAD or WORDPAD to open the "*.TRK" and edit various truck configuration such as performance, handling, color, suspension and truck characteristic.

Good Luck!