news_team_edition_febI guess you guys knows that RS1 going to replace XAVAGE soon probably before my birthday this year.  So before we say good bye to XAVAGE i'm going to release several custom XAVAGE for requested team and special people who support me a lot.  Hint: as pictured on the front page, there are more than 5 will be released in PAINT WORKS edition unless i made decision to alter the models meshes to fit the final variant.  The new RS1 model already in progress parallel to VEXUVIUS development.  However the the overal development in SupermotoXL Designs is hampered by some "hiccups" on my computer especially problem with RAM module and aging CPU.  Doesn't matter much unless you guys willing to wait patiently forn the release.  This week i'm having holidays so i work bits of the development and at the same time enjoy my season holiday.  I'll blog more about whats happening.

PAINT WORKS : TEAM EDITION will be release once i finish cooling my self off after the holidays.