news 2015 greet 1Greetings and Happy New Year 2015!

Wow, it been quite sometime i haven't been posting latest news in this column but as you can see from latest updates on my creation and activity last year 2014 i had my hand full with bunch of high tech flying adventure, designs, r/c hobby and social activity.  It was an awesome, progressive and happy year for me.

I'm glad to say for the past 16 years "SupermotoXL Designs" website have evolved tremendously from digital 3D to real 3D object creation, and always remains to give free valuable hobby information and digital downloadable contents to share for everyone to enjoy.  My website will be always open for open source development and creative creation that are useful in real life application.  Today it has expanded from traditional digital 3D design for simulator to object 3D printing, R/C hobbies,  FPV (First Person View) aka miniature Unmanned Aerial Vehicle flight development and portal for information sharing for the entire community.

In 2015 i'm looking forward to expand my hobby into more real object creative development and innovation with more downloadable contents such as complex custom designed 3D printing products for professional use, Ground and Aerial photography with 4K videos projects, Products review on consumer videography devices and R/C products, Open source FPV/UAV miniature autonomous flight and more cool manly hobby stuff to come.

2014 have been a great year for me, not only because there so much creation have been produced in this website and shared freely but also all these creation bond us all together because of common interest with people all around the world.  I had pleasure to meet and talk with people, make friends, lots of outdoor social activity related to this hobby, sponsorship and lots of support from community and associated manufacturer too....oh yeah i gain weight too (just a bit), social means lots of food hehehe. Life is good i guess.  I hope 2015 will be a great year for another creative development here at

To all my fans, hobbyist around the world and especially to my sponsors thanks for your support and i hope you all keep coming to continue support me and always visit this website for latest tech stuff, downloads and medias for you to enjoy.  Be sure to subscribe my Twitter and Youtube Channel.

Cheers everyone. :)