b17 17

Hi there people! i guess you guys been waiting for my updates ,reviews, blog and stuff. Well i recently been busy enjoying all the recent model building and flying especially more on UAV activities than write up stuff but i did update my videos, wait until i get my mood back to write an article about it....most importantly i get to enjoy my hobby daily. But if you've been missing out some action you can check my recent updates at my Twitter account and Youtube Channel. Oh btw maybe you should head to my gallery 'Hangar" seciton, got lots of cool scale military jets arrives and assembled and also maiden my beautiful WW2: B-17 Flying Fotress on video. I'm happy that this year hangar seems to be fruitfull.


About product review i have to put it on hold for a moment, standing items in waiting list to be published on next article will be on BAOFENG VR equipment and quadcopter from GearBest and later i already have a new UAV platform: a Volantex RC RANGER in the hangar which is right now already completed its build and active in the air enjoying my great flight this month...you can check my Youtube Channel right now if you're in a hurry, probbably after gain lots of UAV footage i'll write my reports/blog at FPV/UAV section for you guys to read and refer to for your next ultimate built.

On the other hP 20160501 173558and our sponsor did offer me lots of stuff to review unfortunately some are bunch of cheapo multirotors, HD cams and cheap trucks so i'm not going to waste time on it, i'll just handle the Pro level stuff something that all of you interested to have it...i'm sure you don't want me to show you some cheapo toys right? That's right i'll give you guys a shout on my Twitter if i can get hands on trendy hobby grade products. But for now its season to enjoy my hobby out in the open field flying my plane. Oh btw this month is my birthday, i'll put some useful product article soon before i open my birthday present. .....oh wait they are sending me an FMS model...awesome! Cheers.


Oh yes here's the video of sneek peek for upcoming build blog at FPV/UAV section: