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Oh my! looks like we're almost close reaching new year 2018....yeah i've been enjoy my life to the max...very happy man recently.  Btw you might notice i haven't been posting latest article on products review or news for the last half year of 2017 that is because i'm enjoying myself away with lots of cool projects, 3d designs, 3d printings, FPV activities (max) and other fun R/C modelling stuff which i do posted updates on several section about my website especially 3d printed downloads and gallery updates.  But i do post daily Tweets, Instagram and Youtube updates to let you know the stuff i'm doing recently. But if you're missing what going on here please subscribe all my social channel to see what's up on my side.  So right now i'll elaborate summary of what's going on previously and recently for the last half of 2017 updates belown to let you know i'm stick kick'in:


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My cool Hangar V3 -  COMPLETED!

news 20 11 2017 4One of my proudest project recently was renovating my workspace, my hangar and also my hangout to more efficient, clean and well exhibit space to enjoy my so called "work of art" for overall my hobby stuff around the room.  You might see some differences over the years to present day through my "Hangar Gallery" section to see what going on in there....and yes my back hurts carrying stuff around, tables, racks and woodworks.  My motivation to do this is simply to enhance my productivity by changing the aura of my surrounding and give me sense of pride for my work plus with everything well in place  i can do lot of projects very systematically and organized...enjoying hobby and not being messy in short words. Ever since then  i tweeted lots of projects and completed in short amount of time thanks to my new workspace....and yeah my new PILOT LOUNGE  a nice place to relax with black stealth sofa, lol.  Welcome to my Garden of Eden!  I will tell you more stories about my hangar on my next article posting soon. :)

You can checkout my cool crib here Hangar V3/Pilot Lounge/Workspace aka Design Studio.



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Orlandoo super portable crawler track project! - 70%

news 20 11 2017 17So i've been rock crawling around the kitchen utensils, desktop, office computers, on bed, carpets and tiny nook and crannies around the room....wait! that really sucks because all this are none as challenging as a real rock crawler track so i've decided to make my own scale R/C rock crawling track meant for 1:35 size crawler especially for ORLANDOO lines of 4X4 scale micro trucks.   Made from thrown away big boxes of R/C model plane foam packaging i've recycled 100% use of its crumbled bits of foam into piles of imitation rocks and terrains to form cool challenging rock crawling tracks. The tools i use are some hot glues and acrylic paints to build this awesome track complete with caverns, decked pillar for overhead crawling path, switchbacks and tight turns..yes tested and proven kick ass to drive around before i proceed to paint it. More likely its a nice place for micro 4x4 FPV driving. Currently is at 70% completion in painting stage colored in grey on rocky slabs and awaiting to put some more vegetation ornaments and etc to make the environment realistic and photogenic to drive around.   More details can be found at my Orlandoo gallery here but i might shift to dedicated Track gallery when time comes.
Orlandoo gallery link:  1/35 Orlandoo OH35A01 4WD Crawler + Track


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1:24 scale 3d printed kit replica classic TAMIYA off-roader - COMPLETED!

news 20 11 2017 11 If you've missed updates on my previous R/C model fabricating project for the last half of 2017 you might like to check it at my 3D printing sections where i dump all my completed 3d modelling and printing designs kits into individual page which content some *.STL file and decals which you can download and 3d print my cool replica TAMIYA off-roader kit to fit into your 1:24 scale off-road platform especially if you do own SUBOTECH CoCo and WL-TOYS A212 platform which i recommended a great platform to have for this mods.ccThe replica TAMIYA kits that i've build are; HOTSHOT, BOOMERANG, THE BIGWIG, NISSAN KINGCAB and THE GRASSHOPPER.  So make sure you check it out and if you have a 3d printer go download and print my cool scale projects. Enjoy. :)

3d printing *.STL download page below:
+ HOTSHOT for SUBOTECH platform
+ The BIGWIG for SUBOTECH platform
+ NISSAN KINGCAB for WL-Toys A212 platform
+ The GRASSHOPPER platform



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More classic TAMIYA goodies! - COMPLETED

news 20 11 2017 6Time for me to rewind back my life 30 years backward into the childhood days with big package of TAMIYA 80's R/C kit to re-lived my young days as an R/C off-roader enthusiast.  So recently got few boxes of TAMIYA kit recently this month at the time of the writing this post because it was part of my childhood that i yearn to have back then, now in my hand i had chances to enjoy part of my missing link to my old self by enjoying building every bits of the kit to its present form.  So i got myself  THE GRASSHOPPER, THE HORNET, BLACKFOOT and MONSTER BEETLE this month, this models are once have huge influence during my early R/C model life 3 decades back. But my WILD WILLY 2 will always be my best among them.  Each of this models has its own history and story to tell and represent best part of my life back in 1980's.  Soon gonna make some videos on them and added action photos on my gallery....i did some today. Great piece of R/C antique, looks pretty good by today scale standard and will be part of my hangar collection for generations to tell stories about it.

Check out all of them at my Ground based R/C gallery sections.


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X35.0 - 3d design concept supercar 2018 - 10%

news 20 11 2017 9We'll its almost been 2 years since my last concept design supercar works: XYBORX unveiled to the public and its time to for me to work on my next automotive design which inspired by my previous project the old 2006 NEMIXIS building a mid engine chassis to rival a decade old design.  Long wheel based, compact, low CG wide body designs and more updated looks meant for 2018 delivery.  The project codename is X34.0 the usual sequential project number related to my design started last year using CONCERTO base chassis but stalled because i had too many hobby to work on but returned back on the month October 2017 with changes to its design using XYBORX half chassis as based design for X34.0. The draft design looks more radical and had more forward cockpit design and almost bubble like aero canopy which evolve from the 2015 design itself.   Hopefully i can finish up before new year 2018 or at least above 80% completion with minor body touch up.  More likely will be available in 4x4EVO2 simulator for additional virtual driving experience just like i did with CONXERTO.   Will keep you guys update on my Twitter and setup another gallery for it once all snapshot of my 3d work accumulated in huge volume.



news 20 11 2017 24..And that above was the highlights of the last half of year 2017 happening on my side.
Oh yes i still do get back actively into FPV this year since last year already did a lot UAV project and autonomous flight so its time to get back to manual stick inside my scale cockpit plane and roam high into the blue skies again...yeah i did so, hopefully you enjoy my recent Youtube videos. I didn't do much product review recently despite many manufacturer did try to let me tryout their latest FPV products and some cool R/C models stuff (some of the stuff they trying to send to me just sucks!..not gonna put honest review on it until they offer me proper FPV stuff or R/C models) but  nope i need to relax and pickup bits of my freetime for myself...R/C holiday for me baby!  Plus had my hand full too on other social work at my Young Aviator class since i'm now pushing my student ahead into building R/C models from scratch, building drones and others R/C, FPV and open news 20 11 2017 10source tech but hey still fun for me since its fun thing to do equal to my  passion and hobby.    But if you still wanted to know my best pick for FPV hardware this half season fo 2017, that will be the EACHINES new FPV goggle the " EACHINE EV100". You can check it out here:  Its cheap, affordable and the community is growing all over it, will that be the end of FATSHARK? can figure it out yourself.  Yeah maybe i'll get one soon but my budget is looking at 4x wheeler right now...scaler baby! Anyways i hope you enjoy your hobby and i will post some more tips and helpful article to keep the community growing.....hmmm..definitely next post will be talking about my hangar hehehehe...i tell you its very motivational stuff.   Btw if you need help about R/C stuff of whatever i'll be at the community forum, twitters, youtube video discussion post, contact page or somewhere you might think i may randomly pop up, lol..  Peace people and enjoy life. :)   


David L.


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