Latest new wheel set creation for "4x4 EVOLUTION 1 and 2" add-on parts just added inside the Wheel inventory page, there are 6 units of new low profile wheels mainly for street and Super GT spec:

-Stock spec: Metakava X6S-XL

-Stock spec: Metakava X6G-XL

-GTR spec: Vulcan M5W-XL

-GTR spec: Vulcan M10W-XL

-GTR spec: Hoshino Z8S-XL

-GTR spec: Hoshino Z8G-XL


Click here to go to Wheels download page.


For those modeler and modders who are curious, theres' also additional black ringed "Vulcan M5B" attached to XAVAGE GTR SDK kit with 1024x1024 template size texture. Enjoy.