dev_xyborx_d90Oh! sorry for the delayed updates, i was spending quality weeks with outdoor activity recently which you can check them out at my blog which is why i seldom drop in.  So lets get back to to our development report,  I guess this month will have lots of UV mapping work and last week ago finished mapping/texturing the main body using 4096x4086 templates for better HD resolution.  Each texture body side are proportional scaled equally to make paintjobs  easier to paint and ease "stitch work" painting.   For the parts and interior will be available in separate templates at same resolution too.  How every work could be  a bit slow as much of my progress still hampered by slow memory swapping machine because my work station still run at 1GB of DDR3 RAM.  So texture loading thing can be a bit laggy especially when i have both Z-modeler and Photopaint run a virtual memory swap amounting at average 6.4GB on minimal cached SATA Hardisk.  Let pray that things goes smooth and no memory BSOD this time. As shown on the picture the models completely mapped with blank drafted texture and i added some random marking just to text out the paintings coordinates.