altThis templates specifically design for CONXERTO ED 30.x variant "only". Package contain 3 custom design templates which was previously release on both 4x4 REVO (2048 HD) and SDK kit. For PAINT WORKS version all 3 templates are raw and uncompiled, contain COREL *.CPT format. Readily to be exploited for fans/modders to customized and create their own paint works. Importantly please read the manual attached before proceed with templates editing. Enjoy

Texture Theme: CONXERTO ED 30x variant Theme pack | For models: CONXERTO ED 30x variant and compatibles | Date release: 12-9-2010 | Last Updated: -- | Total of available theme texture: 3 unit | Texture size: 2048x2048 pixel | Texture format: CPT (Corel Paint Templates) | Wheel texture: No | Extra kits: Yes - Optional Alpha Filter & Wheels templates

alt Gallery -30.0 RS1 variant | alt Gallery -30.1 RS1 variant | alt Gallery 30.2 LM7 variant | alt Download