CONXERTO ED 30.0 XL-RS1 is a product of a successful fusion and evolution of design between VEXUVIUS and XAVAGE. A perfect genetic marriage between two world to produce evolutionary sleeker looking supercar than its predecessor and more down to earth looks hence call signed as "ED" - (EVOLVED DESIGN).

Just like its old brother XAVAGE, CONXERTO share similar feature like most line of XL's family traits:

  • EVOLUTION - An evolution from XAVAGE variants.

  • FUSION - Successful fusion of design between VEXUVIUS & CONXERTO.

  • CLASSIC - Rear back arched design, curvy and front aero looks retains its classic touch in the eyes of the beholder. Also embedded an "X" stigma represent trademark of XL's lineage of design throughout its family traits.

CONXERTO design is merged product between XAVAGE and VEXUVIUS and evolve like a bar of soap to blend in into urban super exotics which bring pleasure to all automotive fans as it "washed" through time. The tubular headlights, smooth round rear chassis, huge side ventilation and curve in lower chassis design brings classical and luxury outlook which everyone familiar in just a single glance. Yet a mixture of modern aerodynamic outlines bring a sense of modern retro into auto world. Just like its old brother XAVAGE it still inherit similar its design charisma & performance plus additional feature as shown:

  • Chambered AEROFOIL Down-force System (CADS)
    The large vent on each side of the car allows more air runs through internal chamberised air spoiler which adjust the amount of wind friction on both side of the car to create virtual steering gyro stabilizer. This allow the car to steer at more predictable angle, stable at straight line, fast turning, braking and less influenced by ground turbulance. This concept is similar to air operated gyro stabilizer on special aircraft.

CONXERTO car structure made from 3 layers, these are.

  • Main chassis:
    Main chassis is a monocoque structures sculpted from 1 pieces new composite steel nylon material, rigid and absorbent to vibration.

  • Place holders:
    The parts which holds crucial components of the car to the chassis. These include cockpit bucket/tub, engine bucket/tub/bracket and outer body shell bracket holder. The material are mostly high density composite nylon instead of traditional steel and aluminum sheets. These material is impact resistant, vibration absorbent, light weight, temperature resistant and crash safe.

  • Body shell:
    Composite Lexan OPLEC shell (Organic Passive Light Emitting Cell)

Overall CONXERTO structures are made entirely from enhanced hardened plastic material fused partially with molecular steel giving it more lightweight, rigid and crash safe material. For another reason its built to protect the passenger and critical components from sharpnel, splinters and debris produced from hard impact if crashed do occur. The theory is very much like a rubber ball, no matter how much you bash the ball it will remain its original round shape and bounce back the inertial impact plus it absorb the shocks. CONXERTO is the rubber ball with passenger tuck safely inside.

Other special feature built in CONXERTO includes:

OHID headlights and OCDLED rear lights:
OHID (Organic Hi-Density headlights) and OHLED (Organic Controlled Density LED rear lights) is a new technology which uses flexible and low charged high luminance thin light panel made from organic cell structure (cob webbed cells). These panel are shock resistant and consume low electric current yet it produce high output of light just similarly used on LCD and Plasma panel.

Multi-channel Bernoulli Ventilation System:alt
Just like its brother XAVAGE, CONXERTO have built in “Air Buoyancy Chassis” which allow air to circulate full 360 degree range around the chassis for few cycle before exit out to rear end air exhaust port. This feature helps to cool the chassis and components in the car and also allow natural hydraulic cushion. The Multi-Channel Bernoulli Ventilation System which located 2x on the front + 2x on the sides help to gulp massive air by force into the chassis and tunnel the air into several channel for above purpose. Other than “Air Buoyancy” feature other use of tunneled air includes auto deflation control of tire pressure, suspension shock pressure, engine turbo compression, pneumatic pressure discharge, force combustion discharge, inner down-force system between wheels, power regeneration via air turbine for power charging, air pressure refill for hybrid engine module for kinetic propulsion, artificial cockpit and engine coolanrt coolant and pressure balance between inner and outer body wall.

XLE09-X12HR Engine:
CONXERTO uses enhanced hybrid engine technology that runs 50/50 propulsion from fossil fuel energy and electric under single engine block yet modular in mechanism.

  • Fuel powered module:
    As usual CONXERTO share same “X12” engine spec as her parents the NEMIXIS and X3-SIXTY where piston configuration remain in “X” push layout for complete 360 degree equal torque for every drive shaft turns per- revolution. 4 lines of piston in partitioned in to 4 in every 360-degree distribution where each lines have each line consist of 3 piston (3 piston x 4 lines) = 12 piston. These configuration taking advantages over standard “V” overhead engine, Boxter engine horizontal push and Rotary engine layout. “X12” allow high acceleration and lower fuel injection to combust per-joule,

  • Electric module:
    Consist of twin brushless motor powered by high capacity rechargeable lithium ferum (Li-Fe) battery. The motor controlled by computer programmed ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) to propel the motor according to required rpm. The motor connected to variable ratio gear case and then interfaced to main engine’s main 1 way turn spur gear. As the spur gear turned by electric powered brushless motor the spur will auto disengage from fuel powered engine drive crank shaft to reduce mechanical load from the engine, which the electric powered system will take over the full transmission drives.

  • Kinectic module:
    Kinetic module is a mechanism, which is powered by stored energy produced by kinetic output such as air pressure and heat source. CONXERTO carries 4x120 liters of air tank which store compressed air collected from various vents around its chassis. Each tanks can handle 50 bars of barometric air pressure, Collected air will be used as air compression source to push turn and propels 4x turbo-turbine units on X12 fuel engine, 2x turbine pinion gear on both electric motors and 1x twin turbine built-in main spur gear. To summarize that the air are mainly to boost all the cycle of the gear reducing the burden of acceleration thus save both fuel and electric cell. The heat kinetic are used to heat up the tank thus increasing the pressure of the air before gush into output mechanism. The heat source comes from fuel engine, electric motor and external environment via Radiator system.

Composite Lexan OPLEC shell (Organic Passive Light Emitting Cell):
For the first time CONXERTO uses Composite Lexan OPLEC shell which have advantages over traditional stainless steel and aluminum sheet for body panel built.

  • Composite Lexan have been long used on hobbyist Radio Control models since 1980’s made up from hard, shiny yet high impact resistance material which allow any impact on the surface to be rebound and keeping the surface structure maintain to original form, very similar concept to Memory Plastic. These material is lighter and easy to mold.

  • OPLEC (Organic Passive Light Emitting Cell) is layered behind Composite Lexan surface provide programmable surface color like an Organic LCD screen. However this surface does not illuminates like any OLED screen type surface because its emits passive lights that doesn’t glow but only shows solid paint like color. This characteristic of OPLEC fusion Composite Lexan allows user to customized the color on the XAVAGE based on their preference allow forms of artistic display of color and images shown on the car like paint canvas. Each panel of Composite Lexan OPLEC are connected via central CPU via HOTSWAP cable to complete the grid of body canvas.

GYRO system:
CONXERTO is equipped with GYRO system which allow the car to run stable during speeding, drift and cornering. The gyro components links to several components in the car to control the overall stability which includes:

  • Front and rear differential
    Control the differential slips among 4 wheels by distribution proper traction needed during cornering, drift and an event when traction error and body instability detected. Note that CONXERTO have a full time 4WD transmission.

  • Steering
    Partially control the steering at micro level where as if GYRO needed to recover the car to proper lines if the driver swerve too much on the steering especially in wet condition and loose gripped surface such as sand, dirt, muddy trails and road full patches of holes. However in situation where the driver (dominant) control the steering the Gyro effort are only to control under steer and over steer error where it will try to synchronized the differential slips with the driver steering style to minimized stability error.

  • ABS
    GYRO level of control is very much similar to “driver steering” detection protocol as mentioned before on steer part If any anomalies detected such as under steer/over steer braking or side ways braking the GYRO will engage ABS control plus will also control other components in the car which links to GYRO to synchronized with ABS system demand.

  • Chambered AEROFOIL Down-force System (CADS)
    CONXERTO have special down force fins built behinds each large side vents located parallel bewteen each wheels. These fins like and aeroplane flaps swings vertical 60 degree & horizontal 30 manouver to spoil the air flow to create variable down force preassure. In relation to GYRO, this control the down force system where needed if it detects error in level of horizontal and vertical G-force distribution as well as level of CG (Center of Gravity) on the chassis. The secondary air diffuser located below the chassis base however is fixed and independent of Gyro control.

The GYRO however does not cater 100% desirable handling as driver wanted, it can actually be enabled and disabled manually by the driver. When GYRO is active it offer several option where the driver can select according to his or her driving preferences, these are:

  • Cruise/Normal mode (default): For normal car handling.

  • Expert Touring/Racing mode: Racing and high speed touring handling.

  • Drift mode: Drift handling. More differential gear control involve.

  • Drag mode: Straight line handling with high anti-sideway control. Very heavy use of down force mechanism.

  • Off-road: For off-road handling.

  • Preset/Learning mode: GYRO in learning mode (no control), feed and learning from drivers output, allow personalized handling from different driver’s style of handling. When Learning mode is completed the GYRO will cater several familiar handling mode to specific or assigned driver.

  • FAIL SAFE mode: However if GYRO fail to function due to unknown distortion, damages or other accident which cause Gyro to shutdown a fail safe mechanism will be activated automatically and independently via mechanical system. The fail safe mode will reset all the configuration inside the car including differential, braking, engine, steering, suspension, hydraulic aerofoil and others back to normal mode without causing problem in driving ability.


Specification for CONXERTO "RS1"

Max power

2,435hp / 7800rpm


Max torque

1,910.27ft-lb / 5600rpm


Hybrid X-12r




Drive train






2.1 sec


Max Speed



10.9 sec



32.1m / 2.9sec


CONXERTO designed to be as competitive road going sports car just like its neighbour. The combination between elegant design and technology provide drivers both thrill and excitement of driving and thus boost proud ownership of the car. CONXERTO had just shown its proof that there's no limit to amount of engineering and ideas you can cramp into a car. There always billion of posibility for 1 entity, just let the imagination fly into the clouds of automobile dreams.

General info | models: CONXERTO ED 30.0 XL-RS1 | platform: PC | version: 4x4 Revo Mods (2048 HD-High Definition) | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 16.86MB | date released: 12-Sept-2010

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