altLegend of Speed
CONXERTO ED 30.2 XL-LM7 is a symbol of milestones achievement in SupermotoXL Designs. The designs symbolised the past, present and the altfuture. It has both modern and classic looks of a muscle car even it was built as Italian design style currently. Celebrating its long journey from the first CD 2.0 models to Evolutionary ED 30 series the LM7 variant is a flagship of classic designs. LM 7 equipped with muscular "TRANX N6-XL" CNC style lightweight alloy rims, polished silver panels along its skirting and ventilation tips, retro checkered racing flag around the vents and legendary number "7" and gun metal roof color reveal signature of classic looks as well as a reminder the legacy of racing triumph from the past. These design schemes inspired from race car of the seventies where muscles once roar. At certain angle the car itself does look like common race car like the 70's FORD GT

General info | models: CONXERTO ED 30.2 XL-LM7 | platform: PC | version: 4x4 Revo Mods (2048 HD-High Definition) | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 17.07MB | date released: 12-Sept-2010

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