A day will come when my desire conquer my rational mind. For a designer no designs will fill the greed and satisfaction unless a true object of desire is found. In walks of life we've seen tonnes of supercars and uban exotics wheeler roam on earth. My aim is to create a supercar that can able to speak itself as true speed thriller and road outlaw. A car that speaks louder than words and catch every hearts of speed enthusiast. So i decided to design a car which have several characteristics which drool very hearts thats comes across her: a sexy bodyline of a woman, vicious and evil outlook, diabolical designs, genuine creativity, unique and have both retro and present appearance. I called it "CYBORX 10.0 XL-GT": SupermotoXL's ultimate concept design street fighter. 2 months in production finally my hearts melts like chocolate. CYBORX designs have both special world that no car designer can offer. The first impression you'll notice on CYBORX is the headlights, the shape and configuration resembles vicious evil black widow looks. Second is the aerodynamic body contour which ended up with rear broad body designs giving impression of stability and muscular expression. These are the first component which aim at creating "Body Language" for supercars. The second component is be the soul of the car. Just like other design i've created several nice internal goodies and some new stuff you can dig in: Concept Design X-lock bucket seat, XP12 QUAD line engine (V block fused with vertical boxter style engine), VSS vertical swing scissors door, rear hatch back, all perimeter intercooler, reinforced tubing chassis, rear support bars, fuel tanks, suspension stabiliser, short burst rear exhaust, rear air diffuser, detailed Concept Design AACS spoiler with air channeling wing flaps. Also hooked into CYBORX is my newly designed CNC style wheels "AURORA 5 SR-XL". Overall this is the second time i built a vehicle based on mid (rear) engine version. The last vehicle that was built on mid engine was XCALIBUR, my ultimate sand buggy. On driving side this car handles as like a real car do but won't be that easy, low degree of steering (suitable for digital control), high braking power and plushy suspension setup suitable for both on road and off-road condition. Speed and gearing are set for endurance performance. CYBORX CD 10.0 XL-GT: a true speed thriller. Drive save, and wear seatbelt always. Enjoy.

altOn the construction side CYBORX was build on EXODUS base foundation, you can still see traces of EXODUS on CYBORX such as bulk side fenders, hoods, roof and most distinct feature is the mid body shape and size. EXODUS body design was a thing came from the past, something you would see in BTCC Touring Car style. CYBORX in the other hand reflect designs that came in present plus added bonus being a GT style without looking innocent on the road, in short CYBORX is here to kick EXODUS's butt. The construction was much complicated than any other models over made, details, accuracy, texture wastage management, polycount management and final QC is higher priority since i am wanted to put CYBORX as next flagship among all designs. The total amount of polycount for this model worth approximately: [4x4 EVO1] 61,028 (vertices) and 70,997 (faces) with optional parts such as pop-up front hood, rear hatch back and VSS scissors doors. [4x4 EVO2] 41,628 (vertices) and 49,317 (faces) without optional parts. Notable that EVO1 version have higher polycount because the game itself able to process and handle the rendering per-object. EVO2 version however need to shed off some and break pieces of parts into smaller partition to allow massive reflection/Texture and Lighting rendering per-object. With thousand K's worth of polygons and a Z-modeler tool the smoothing process can really be a pain in the rear. Since Z-modeler 1.07 doesn't have spline smoothing tools so i have to smoothen the vertices by hand one by one guided only with X,Y, and Z axis on Z-mod view port. Lol, sounds like purely HAND CRAFTED sportscar. The technique of "SPLINE MOVE" moving splines one by one is my oldest technique to get proper shape of what outlines it would look like for my next designs since i've never come out with physical drawing of blueprint layout on the design board, my blueprint all along printed in my brain and its all up to my hand movement and a mouse click to re-shape a 3D object into desired shape. That how others (CD's ##) models and CYBORX was born. On the base model the frontal nose and rear extended out to make the body longer. Front bumper thickness increase and lower portion smoothens parallel to lower skirting/vent ramp. There are 5 vent ramp on the front to allow air sucked inside but only 2 going into the fan cooled radiator and 3 into normal intercooler and cockpit. The 4 air dump port located on the front wheel fender nearby the door pivot to allow air escape after channeled into cooling system air disc brake. The side body on lower portion just below the seat is another 2 vent ramp to channel air into rear engine. At the rear there are huge open vent cut out from the body to allow massive heat to escape quickly using the low pressure air drafted in the rear because the engine located on the rear section of the body. Windows sill replaced with hollow frame and extra mini windows behind the driver head constructed. Cockpit reinforce with steel bar structure from roof ceiling on to main chassis, Off-road style tube chassis to support numerous components essential to support functional parts including our latest concept XP12 (XP12-CB-XL) quad axis engine. Texture space allocated for each parts are all pushed to the limit so that each parts rendered will have enough to contain high maximum details to be displayed in the game. All internal designs and workmanship is to create stunning models so that you can explore inside CYBORX which make it the most unique models ever made for 4x4EVO1/2.

General info | models: CYBORX CD 10.0 XL-GT | platform: PC / Mac (e2) | version: 4x4 evo1 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 3.40MB (evo1) | date released: 31-3-2005 | last updated: --

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