I got tired having to design same genre of design which i usually follow the import and euro trends. This months i'm trying a new taste. Going for western classic muscle car blends its retro to present day design. What my heart says, "need power, muscle, bulk, power and anger". This is the feeling when you see such car which sparks that feeling in you. Tracking down ideas for new muscles design imanage to get some glimpse and preview on several western American muscle and pick up some iconic car like CAMARO, BARRACUDA, HEMI and CHALLENGER. These car is very inspirational for me and the looks can be very fierce for my design ideas. Blend them together in a bowl and add some spices to current style body line and contour i manage to come up with a design which could well acceptable as so call retro road going sports car. Months later, my design production give birth to first and most classic retro ever design in my department, with so exaggerated retro looks i called it : "EXAGE: a hybrid of American Muscle car (AM)". The official name will be "EXAGE CD 20.0 XL-AM".

As shown EXAGE carries several signature which trace back to classic muscle looks of western wild road roarer. A modernized classic: Chromed gril/bumper/wheels, circular dual headlights, long linear horizontal like body line, combed slope hatchback, wide open frontal vent for direct air ramping, bulge wheel wells/fender, curve ship hull like skirting. All classic heritage of this legendary sign of muscle car well intact and preserve to this modern day world.

The wheel design also very bulky big and phat tires ready for road drag thus looks more urban styling too. The wheels insipred from drag racing design but blended with urban *bling to give it more aggressive and luxury looks.

In a single glance at EXAGE, the car looks will send you a very simple message eyes to eyes "move over!, this is my turf". EXAGE: its all about retro power and and explosion of speed passion.

altThe construction: Building an EXAGE from scratch doesn't took that long to complete when compared to my previous design. With reference to other exotic muscle design from the waste and simplicity design in mind without complexity if an import car the work only took less than a month (2 weeks) on 3d modeler tools such as Z-modeler. I build something that is visible to the eyes from outside, the internal parts like engine and bits of details that hides behind the walls and hood will not be constructed thus save polygon weight and easy processing for any PC CPU to avoid lag problem on complex 3d models unlike its exotic grandpa the NEMIXIS which have insane CPU/GPU killer pollies in and out of the body.

To save the 3d development time i've re-use back the interior models of "MAXXIMUS" off-road truck which previously built last month ago. These interior parts recycled include, seats, dashboards, floor, tiles, audio (ICE) and gearbox. It save me extra 5 days development....yeah! lazy work for me eh?. Axle parts taken from my custom design parts inventory while the base plate under carriage is from X3-SIXTY base plate.

To modernized the looks on EXAGE, i've design parts like stacked LED brake lights, HID clear headlights (beamer style), Six hole drag style wheelsets, solid radiator decoration grill bar, body shaped exhaust nozzle and sleek and simple 350Z style door handle and DB coupe hatch batch.

For more slammed looks i made several variant with several theme paint jobs and unique body coloring using multiple layer of color to create anodized color on its body panel. Overall EXAGE looks simply cool and easy to every eyes who view design which makes simple creation a works of wonder.

General info | models: EXAGE CD 20.0 XL-AM | platform: PC / Mac (e2) | version: 4x4 evo2 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 6.54MB (evo2) | date released: 8-Aug-2008

alt In-game | alt Full view A | alt Full view B | alt Download EV02 version