This is second revision of XENO 2 and made specially for 4x4 EVO 2 platform. Also for the first time shown as the original standard facelift of real XENO 2 designs from SupermotoXL labs. The model's 3D meshes have been HEAVILY improve and the 3d faces and edges have been break and partition so that each surface of the body will receive proper amount of vertex shading and lighting effect from 4x4 EVO2 graphics engine via Texture and Lighting capability. This produce proper shiny chrome effect rendered every corner of XENO 2 models. Special layer of texture channel also included to filter out few portion of chrome particle to give a sense of real life "Rough Polish Aluminum" effect along the body contour and patterns. In the game simulation XENO 2 displayed the most impressive pose of off-road vehicle ever made with the help of today's latest graphic rendering hardware. The silver chrome effect on XENO2 truly reflect XENO 2 as "Knights in Shining Armor". The revival of "XENO 2 CD 8.2s XL-SE" in evo2 as original standard off-roader is to give a clear picture of how SupermotoXL's vehicle would look like in the real world. The introduction of "SILVER DREAM" edition giving chances for 4x4EVO2 fans to see SupermotoXL's emulated real life silver metal in action. Also proving once again the relic legacy 4x4VEO2 sim is not yet laid resting in the grave.

altOthers than its jaw dropping silver spoon graphics effect XENO 2 in-game driving performance have been upgraded for extra mobility and fun. Wheel stance width between two wheels have been extended to provide better stability and cornering. Suspensions system are more supple to take over various terrains. Shocks damping heights increase and angle of clearance well tuned. The headlights and rear brake lights have been improve. Winch have been added and can be bought via CAREER MODE. With all nice feature in both graphics and game play in XENO 2 requires high requirement to run in EVO2. XENO 2 for EVO2 requires advance and updated graphics hardware with Texture and lighting capability to take advantages over the models graphics feature and gameplay. Optimal graphics card recommended at least Ge-Force FX 5600 or latest ATI to cope up with high poly meshes and to speed up the "Environment Reflection" update on the 3d surface.

General info | models: XENO2 CD 8.2s XL-SE | platform: PC / Mac (e2) | version: 4x4 evo 2 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 3.93MB (evo2) | date released: 31-3-2005 | Last updated: --

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