It was funny incident on a day before this project was created which lead to reason why this models was designed. This project was spawn because it was my desired for satisfaction for not able to grab my hands on replica of truck models i saw on the toy store.. a vent of frustration which leads to creation of this 4x4 off-roader. Let's just say i'm dead broke to spend on such expensive R/C off-roader.....Sometimes if you can't have it just make one for yourself so i did. I think afters years absent in design and creating an off-roader finally i've fired up my favorite modeler tools and make the baddest and most wicked 4x4 off-roader ever built on the planned. Prefer to be rivalry of infamous HUMMER.

MAXXIMUS CD 16.0 XL-ATX (All Terrain Xtended) is a high tower 4x4 off-roader design to tackle various terrains ever challenge in the wild. With higher ground clearance on the front and rear chassis prove an ideal design for various terrains application. Initially from the start the truck suppose to be design as coupe 2 door type off-roader, but after thinking for two days wondering why i should have a two door, since four door are much better at carrying loads and family based commercial value i just go ahead with 4 door based design and added rear hatched canopy on the truck bed for family type 4x4 design in mind. I tribute this new 4x4 design for my father because he always wanted a cool 4x4 dualcab pickup truck so he can cross country back to his green natural home on borneo island. He likes adventure.

There was interesting fact about the development of this truck. More importantly this model was built live progress where public can see step by step how this design and models was progress from embryo to mature state. You can actually view how simple 3d boxes grow and formed into complex 3d meshes which makes the shape of this 4x4 vehicle. The models development started publicly on 22nd Jan 2008 and completed fully on 15th February 2008. Its was by fastest and shortest duration of development ever made for complex models. Previous record before this was 25 days. You can view the development report and lifecycles from my blog website or our local forum. Anyways it was a challenge and its the best way to get public interested into viewing how design and modeling works in SupermotoXL Design department. Overall meshes the models was totaled around 45k just save below lagging limit lines. To save some construction time i've used back several object meshes from my past 2 year old parts from XENO under carriage, suspension and engine...also the fact it have just enough polygon performance to save up any user PC from being cooked up CPU due to extensive lag on high poly models.

MAXXIMUS was designed to rival H2 HUMMER design, which is why this 4 wheeler have wider chassis track, long body length, sharp edgy body contour, more front and rear end clearance for obstacle climbing, wide disperse headlights, higher suspension lift kit and big profile wheelsets. The design have a mix of retro and concept taste. Front facelift have almost an old skool style hollow type looks which belong similar category of muscle car like Concept Camaro, Challenger, Hemi or something feel phat or higher over your head feeling. The chassis shells was more edgy or something like aluminum box like style which at first reluctant to think about that design in mind but popular trend of rugged and rough edgy looks persuade me to continue follow with how 4x4 people would like to see on this vehicle. Just like all of my design the rear lights remain circular in design, looks sporty and classic....its just my style. I also added significant trace of "X" signature on my design just like other models i created previously on the front and rear chassis. The trace of "X" marking can be seen as dark groove grilled top and bottom inverted wide "V" marking which both combined as one horizontally sliced "X" mark. For those who don't know "X" represent my signature as in "XL" or "SupermotoXL"..every designer leaves a bread crumbs. The windows also looks more tuby hollow like the interior styling of an aircraft cabin window panel. port located above, behind the headlights beside the ‘X’ beam spoiler provide quick escape for heat dumping generated by the twin intercooler.

At the end of the design phase the truck overall looks more out of the box adventure truck really to roll over anything in its path. Higher ground clearance on front and rear for easy vertical climbing. Bigger tyre and rigid wheelsets. Long body and aero dynamic rear truck bed canopy. Full dual four piston vented disc brake system. Side wall exhaust system. Wider body width and sturdy mainframe. How do i feel about this design?...great!! satisfied!!..95.99%..almost..well atleast it looks better and more off-roader looks than my old creation "XENO 2" which looks way urban style bug shell off-roader. Anyways if you look carefully "MAXXIMUS" share same engine, axle and suspension system as "XENO 2". Yeah the good reasons is i'm too lazy to think about design and built another mechanical parts for it. Its just another way to save my brain from over heat. In 2008 i'll be looking forward to design more off-roader until each of these rides could impact the way people off-roading around the globe. Peace and ride free..

Here's my advice...i you can't make one, built one.

General info | models: MAXXIMUS CD 16.0.XL-ATX | platform: PC / Mac (e1) | version: 4x4 evo1 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 4.34MB (evo1) | date released: 5-Mar-2008

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