Here one specially custom made for KC's the owner of popular online off-roading game on the internet;

KC is the most important figure in our community and worked hard providing places for game off-roading simulation and 3d modeler to gather and hangout. His website hosts forum, downloadable tracks, car/trucks, FAQ and resources needed for our community to grab on and share about our passion. Without his dedication and his site i won't probably be here to aware about building and design models for the community. His site also spawn lots of enthusiast modeler and nests for several game development and mods.

In my personal opinion it was a fun place to hang around, feels like home. Not strictly talk about games, design, models and off-roading but it can be a place to socialized and talk about wide things and personal life. They like to help each other and get around make friends. I do and they did help me built my empire. Thanks to all the community over the net and especially KC and his website for shaping me into a fine modeler.

altThis truck designed for KC's on 4x4evo2 game. It uses "SILVER DREAM" chromatic feature in 4x4evo 2 provided with Texture and Lighting hardware support on user computer. This variant also have same stock handling and performance features as the original standard "MAXXIMUS" model. I called it the themed truck built for variety and special tribute event.

The truck handling is at overal scale on par with HUMMER style moderate rock-crawling truck with AWD transmission. With very front and rear track clearance this machine ready to roll over everything. The suspension tuned for speed and very flexy over high speed bumps make it good for sand dune or baja racing. Speed and acceleration also very responsive and does have powerful braking to handle sudden stop. Overall its a fun truck to be with especially for those who enthusiast in Radio Control truck style handling.....well almost have a handling attribute of an R/C truck. Enjoy.

Please read the manual before using this vehicle and make sure you computer system meets all the standards and system requirements. Failing to read, understand and not fulfilling the requirements will results in unexpected error and undesirable effect.

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General info | models: MAXXIMUS CD 16.4 XL-SE ATX 'KC's' | platform: PC / Mac (e2) | version: 4x4 evo2 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 5.29MB (evo2) | date released: 5-Mar-2008

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