4x4 of 2004: Human imagination is indeed the most powerful to tools to construct a new life. XENO2 is an example of entity that was born from those organic imagination. Reasons for XENO2 existence is to give an idea of concept design off-roader. RADICAL, EXOTIC and DYNAMIC are 3 vital key element that makes XENO2 to its present design. My first design 'XENO' was sketched in 1999, the idea was to create exotic 2 seater urban SUV which have several characteristic of a normal sports car but in form of hardpacked low-rider SUV. The original configuration of first model XENO was low-rider setup, widebody kent-spoiler and muscular bodykit: this mimic the need of urban exotic designs. However the design couldn't be implemented but later designed as high tower AWD off-roader in 2003. The current model carry the last initial # "2" which marks second variant of the early prototype model 'XENO'. In the game XENO 2 have numerous feature such as customizable and removable part such as front hood, bushbar, skirting, spoiler and etc. By default the models comes exposed front engine designed in highly detailed parts, complex under carriage, axle, linkage, suspension system, bulk size disc brake, calipers, deep thread tyre, heavy duty riveted wheels set and etc. XENO 2 will sure to fill the heart of any 4x4 enthusiast.

altThe original models of XENO2 was constructed for high resolution graphic, support multiple texturing (DDS), high GPU requirements and quality internal/external models. XENO2 built on high poly features like high detailed cockpit, engine, axle, brake disc caliper, manifold, exhaust port, movable vertical swing scissors door and hood. Wheels and tyre threads quality are maximised to the max. Since demand for XENO2 to appear in 4x4evo game is high the models quality was then reduces to half to meet the game specification. The original uncompiled models are kept for future simulation use. Even the models compiled into 4x4 evo is half quality from its original form but still the quality in the game remain two fold better than default stock models which come in with the game itself.


General info | models: XENO 2 CD 8.0 XL-R (XL-Race) | platform: PC | version: 4x4 evo 1 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 3,090kb (evo1) | date released: 21-11-2004 | last updated: --

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