Wanna make cool truck/car presentation to show off to your buddy?  Come read my short and fast tips below.


Tools to be used in tutorial:

updated :  19/9/2002


Hey! wanna make some presentation or wallpaper like this?

Click the picture to enlarge

Click here to enlarge: 1024x768 ( can also be found on Wallpaper section) Getting started Attention: This tutorial will be short one, i only give you tips and you'll have to figure it out yourself using existing tutorial around this site, click any links found on this page to get more  information. Make sure you know how to use Z-Modeler. Caution: The images you see below are displayed as screenshot taken via "print screen" and as shown in Paint program windows screen

  • Let's get started...now..Download your favorite truck in to your Z-Modeler. Be sure you use "3D View" mode as your window viewer, left & right click and move your  mouse to adjust your desired truck/car position in your windows 3D viewer.  Don't forget to import your wheels (*.SMF or *BIN) and positioned into your truck.  Resized your "3D View" mode  windows to max.  When you get it right your truck should look like this or anywhere you like.  Look at the sample screenshot  below.

  • Once you get the right permanent position for your image presentation "do not" move/ rotate or adjust the car/truck position! ( this is important ).
  • Starting from this page, you'll going to make frame by frame screenshot of your truck via "Print Screen".
  • Ok, think what image style you want from the truck/car pose....ok, imagine i wanna make image of my car speeding along the road like those in the sample (wallpaper) picture above.  You'll need to animate the wheels (spinning wheels) to show that the wheels are moving right?
  • So you'll need to go to the right control panel of your Z-Mod and hide all the parts except the wheels.  You'll get something like this...(see the picture below)

  • Go "Print Screen" the images on  your windows screen, open your paint utility Corel/Adobe or other and paste it from the clipboard into you paint program workplace.
  • To create a wheel rotate effect, use "Radial Blur" fx  (click here to get more info) you must select "individual" wheels cut and paste back on the same spot and apply "Radial Blur" to create rotated wheel.  You'll get something like this (image shown >>)
  • Once you done with the wheel you can try take other layer of image eg: Body or misc parts and apply one by one layer/frame by layer/frame. Layered image needed to separate one image after another from getting edited in a group. for example you cannot apply "Radial Blur" effect on the wheels grouped with body, bumper cockpit and other combined parts else the whole image get rotated.  You only need to apply it on wheels.
  • So keep taking frame/layered screenshot via "Print Screen" one by one to get the result below (look at the picture in sequence below):

Image layer for body:

Image layer for body  +  image layer edit wheels

  • Repeat the first procedure until the end as mentioned by me for every layer/frame of picture taken from screen that have different images/parts of truck/car and apply various effect that you like to have.  Make sure you go to this link: Paint basic tutorial 101 (must read this) to get info on how to apply special effect to your images.
  • Don't forget to remove the Z-Mod windows interface in your images and put nice background images for your truck/car.
  • Once you finish edit layered/frame by frame images and put nice background you'll get something like this (for example look at the picture below:)

Good Luck!