When i was a teenager back then i always dreamed of having my very own real life exotic car.But a million dollars for a Lamborghini or a Ferrari could make a middle class citizen like me cough some blood. Well..nobody can become a rich man like instant noodles. As second option i would stare at the blue sky and dream on pretend i have one. In the bright blue yonder a bright star shone on me and spark some ideas right in the brain, yes! 'EXODUS' very own concept design car. (*EXODUS: hence meaning' strong gush of wind passes by' perfectly describe the characteristic of this design - fast and wind breaking street machine.) The shape of EXODUS body inspired from modern day 2005 hatchback looks with a upright Sedan setup. Aiming to look like import car with aggressive 20% italian taste. EXODUS have several feature of current era urban exotic car: scissors doors, detailed turbo type engine, intercoolers, GT aerofoil rear spoiler, quad pipe exhaust, widebody kit, GT wheel (MAGNA-T7G), 4 piston brake caliper, oversize drilled disc brake platters plus added feature interior audio system with dozen of speakers and an amp in the rear below the windshield. Without any physical blueprint but guided only with the power human imagination EXODUS body design perfectly sculpted and completed within a month. Yes, now everybody can ride it (virtually).

altEXODUS base model came from XENO2 which it is squashed and remodeled into a car. The only signature of XENO2 still remain in EXODUS are the windows, doors and interior cockpit. EXODUS also share the almost the same engine model from XENO2 but with added parts to make it into turbo configuration. Unlike my pervious models this ones is pretty laggy, high polycount model concentrated on the external body because needed to increase smoothness and some curve on bumper, skirting, vents and misc corner of the body. The rear horizontal body design is wider than the front and the front opening designed for more ventilation act as air ramp into the engine cooling system. The most contrast feature of this model comparison to my previous modeling work is that this model have plain simple external texture: clean and less decals work because EXODUS remain as standard urban vehicle not a flashy racer, btw its not a muddy off-roader or rally car. The heavy uncompressed worth 89.9MB (CPT) texturing work only involve in texture shading and layering extra surface contour to give the model a lively looks. Realism in texture design remain equal priority as 3D modeling. A total of 37438 polycount, 1.61GB of resources consumed, 56 cups of coffee, 20 pack of cookies and $$$$ worth of electricity EXODUS finally standing on its feet by 11th Jan 2005, it was QC tested before its released. Extra feature like functional hood and scissors doors plus other misc final touch have added to ensure the last production stage worth every moments with EXODUS on the simulation track. (*read the readme text file attached with EXODUS zip file to enjoy its feature.) Enjoy.

General info | models: EXODUS CD 9.0 XL-SRS | platform: PC | version: 4x4 evo 1 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 2,414kb (evo1) | date released: 22-1-2005 | last updated: --

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